Thursday, November 03, 2005

Oh Deer, Stop Me If You've Herd This One Before

Every now and then, a suburb of Allegheny County will experience problems with an overabundance of deer in the neighborhoods. This time it's Mount Lebanon. The most commonly prescribed remedy for this kind of problem is to send bow hunters into the community to perform their own special brand of population control. It sounds pretty reasonable until you realize that strangers could very well be slinging sharp-tipped projectiles across your property in order to nail a critter that might not hang around long enough to take the shot.

I wouldn't want anyone other than me firing arrows around my place. I don't care how expert they are. That just isn't safe in a residential area.

Having said that...let me take you back in time. About eleven years ago, I was driving along Cedar Boulevard in Mount Lebanon. A herd of deer suddenly charged out of the trees from the right side of the road and ran up a hill on the left side. Traffic momentarily stopped to let the hoofed mammals pass. The driver of the car in front of me began to move forward when one antlered straggler ran right in front of his vehicle and bounced off of the hood. Traffic stopped again as the deer rolled to the ground, shook its head for a few seconds, then jumped up and ran to join its kin up the hill. As the stunned motorist got out of his car to inspect for damage, I said to myself, "Damn! Where the hell is Ted Nugent when you need him?"

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jipzeecab said...

Back about 5 years ago we had "bow hunting" here in Bethel Park. As far as I know we still do. The archers were taking about 300 deer a year problems locally with it as far as I know..Still plenty of deer around!!