Monday, November 21, 2005

Pumpkin Juice and A Wandering Eye

Last night I took the family to see Peter Parker and the Goblin of Fire.

Whoops! Scratch that. I mean, we went to see Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. Number four in the series. I liked it. It was entertaining, and the characters are developing well from film to film. Good thing, too, considering that the actors are as well. Plus, it was Very British. I like Very British entertainment, particularly the humour (or humor, if you prefer). I'm always looking out for a Harry Potter movie appearance by someone I've seen in BBC shows -- like Miranda Richardson, who was in Blackadder, for instance -- as well as actors whom I don't know but should.

Villanous Barty Crouch, Jr., for instance, is the new Doctor Who. I've not seen any of the new Doctor Who series but I look forward to it on DVD.

So I enjoyed the movie. Most of my family enjoyed the movie -- except the ten year old daughter. She has read all of the books. She is intimately familiar with every last detail of the Goblet of Fire novel. On the way home, she literally screamed out a litany of everything wrong with the movie. Every single complaint concerned an omission. The house elves. The super heavy tongue. And so on. I ought to read the books one of these days so I can find out what I am missing. And perhaps I would share the outrage. But that might spoil my enjoyment of the films. Do I dare risk that?

In a few years, she will understand the changes that the HP characters are going through. This movie could alternately have been titled "Hormone Potter". Boys have to dance with girls! Boys have to find girls who will actually want to dance with them! Weird redhaired kid gets kissed by ooh-la-la French girls! A cute girl across the room makes Harry slobber pumpkin juice! Even Hagrid gets a chick, and she is literally someone that he can look up to. And the language! A couple of years ago we had to get a six year old boy to stop saying "Bloody Hell!" like Ron Weasley. Now we have to be careful to not let him say "Piss off", as Ron told Harry.

Ron comes off like a jerk during the middle third of the film. He was too busy hating Harry to love Hermione. But they all make it up at the end.

The end was tragic, and hopeful. I won't spoil it if you've not seen it, but yeah, Voldemort was back. He's a very inspiring character. How so? Well, he inspired my six year old son to change into a black dark-lord style robe when we got home. It was time for a change; the boy was tired of being Darth Sidious. One of these days, he's going to decide to be Satan and set fire to the entire house.

Good film, and I can't wait for the next one.

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jipzeecab said...

I've always been a fan of British produced TV shows..especially the mysteries like Morse, Taggert, Poirot etc.
One of the main attractions is that all the actors are what we would call "character" actors..they're not spiff and polished hunks and babes like you see on American TV..
My favorite English actress (who I was infatuated with for several years) was Phyllis Logan who played Miss Jane in the "Lovejoy" series which ran on A&E for about ten years..She's probably playing grandmother roles now lol..