Monday, November 28, 2005

Symptom of Insanity

Samantha Burns posted about it earlier today.

Back in August, Pittsburgh-area blogger Anthony of Tunesmith & Anthony started a comment war with a single sentence about it.

By amazing coincidence, Anthony posted his comment just a little over a week after I -- and dozens of other motorists -- nearly collided with a mad unicyclist on I-94 in Saint Paul, somewhere between Downtown and Midway, just around rush hour.

What's that you say? Someone rode a unicycle on a busy urban interstate highway? What, were they suicidal?

Let me clarify: This person was driving a van with a trailer attached. There were two ways to tell that this person was a unicyclist:

  1. They drove their vehicle in the same wavy, quirky manner that someone does while riding a unicycle.
  2. There was a tell-tale logo on every side of the trailer.
Seriously, that trailer was swinging around like a baseball bat on wheels. It didn't help that the driver kept pulling his/her consist (that's train talk, folks) in front of faster drivers and then slowing down. I damn near missed my exit because of that thing.

If you ever see a highway-ridin' car, van, truck or trailer that looks like it's being driven by someone used to riding a unicycle, chances are that it is being driven by a unicyclist.

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