Wednesday, November 16, 2005

The System That Can Not Work

Mitch Berg, who is at his best when dealing with issues that directly impact our everyday life, has produced a very thoughtful piece on the nature of the school system. Responding to a comment by columnist/blogger Vox Day, who opined that "only an ignoramus or a fool would voluntarily pass his children through the pagan fires of the public schools", Mitch correctly points out that many of us have neither the time nor the resources to do otherwise.

Homeschooling is nice -- if you have the time and the devotion to give to it.

School choice is nice, too -- if there is a school in one's area that meets with the parents' satisfaction.

I'm quite content to send my children to my community's public school, since I have more of a vested interest in it already, both socially and -- as someone who pays property taxes -- financially. As it happens, my kids are going to a Catholic school outside of my area. My wife, who was raised Catholic and attended parochial schools for most of her childhood, feels that any Catholic school is a better place to educate a child than the schools in the district where we reside. She's heard enough horror stories to put her off of public education for good, and she's willing to take full responsibility for providing an alternative education for her children.

From my perspective, there isn't much of difference (aside from tuition bills) between sending kids to a Catholic school versus a public school. Both institutions can provide a good basic education in all of the usual practical subjects. But both of them are going to expose my children to beliefs and practices that will take years of deprogramming for me to get out of their brains.

Getting back to Mitch, he quite correctly points out that there is a third alternative to public and private school:

Don't come yapping to me about your Catholic Schools or your private academies; the best way to "save" education is to abolish it.
Mitch first made this modest proposal back in April, and I took notice of it right away. I thought he was right then, and I still agree with him today. My wife and I have the right to teach, shape, mold, influence, indoctrinate and raise our kids as we see fit. No educational institution, private or public, could ever come close to doing that.

If you use the holy water of parochial schools to put out the "pagan fires of the public schools", all you're going to be left with is a bunch of empty hot air.

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