Thursday, November 17, 2005

(Un)Pleasant Nudity

Somebody should have darkened the tint in his car windows:

A Pleasant Unity man was arrested for disorderly conduct after state police found him driving nude along Route 30 in Hempfield Township Tuesday afternoon.
Pleasant Unity? There's a place called Pleasant Unity? Why yes there is, and it is located over in Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania. The name of the community sounds quite charming, but takes on a somewhat different meaning when a naked vehicle operator is referred to by the media as "a Pleasant Unity man". Also, please note that the arrest took place in a place that was apparently named in honor of the area's prize marijuana farms.

Police said Mr. Nude Dude, 44, was driving a Ford Windstar minivan at Route 30 east around 4:18 p.m. when a passing truck driver noticed NMD was not wearing any clothing. The trucker notified police, who apprehended MND soon afterward and cited him.
"...driving a Ford Winds--" Hey, that's my car!!! I want it back now. Well maybe later, after it's been scrubbed, reupholstered, and scotchguarded.

This little news item teaches us two lessons: one, that you need to beware the truck drivers as much as you do law enforcement; and two, that if you live in the same locale as Mr. Nude Dude, you had better get used to your hometown being referred to as Pleasant Nudity, PA.


jipzeecab said...

If you were to draw a triangle connecting the prominent Western Pennsylvania cities of Greensburg, Latrobe, and Mt. Pleasant near the center of said triangle you would find the small community of Pleasant Unity.
I became acquainted with one member of this village (ha!)while transporting patients to Westmoreland Regional Hospital back in 1998. This gentleman a native of the area was inexplicably a fan of the New Jersey Devils Hockey Team...not a lot different from "Puddy" on the old Seinfeld series. If you follow hockey you may be aware that the New Jersey Devils (a metro NYC team owned by the NY Yankees and located at the "Meadowlands")have NO REAL FANS of their OWN!.(despite all of the Stanley Cups they have won in the last 10 years.) point being after using up all this broadbandwidth of yours is that there is something in the water in "Pleasant Unity..!

Nicko McDave said...

I remember seeing the first-ever NJ Devils game on television over twenty years ago...against the Penguins, of course. Can't remember who won. They used to be the Colorado Rockies, long before the baseball franchise of the same name was founded.

It seems as though the more we learn about Pleasant Unity, the more interesting the place becomes...and not for the best reasons, either!

jipzeecab said...

The Westmoreland Fairgrounds as well as that Christmas Craft Village which pops up every year around now is about a mile away going toward Greensburg.