Wednesday, November 09, 2005

The World Is A Little More Moonbat Today

The 2005 primary election is history, and the voters have spoken, as the saying goes. Where the hell was the Republican party on this one? Doesn't anyone pay attention to local issues in these races? Democrats are sweeping into offices all over, and exit interviews are indicating that people are voting Democrat (or maybe just that more Democrats are voting) because of someone who has the same initials as the Great White Buffalo.

This is the analysis of an unsuccessful council candidate in Green Tree Borough, which is not far from where I live:

Mr. McCormick attributed the loss in part to a low turnout of Republicans. Voters also expressed anger to him at the polls for President Bush and the Iraq war and the raises in the state Legislature.
I know that people don't care about so-called "off year" elections. But there are still races being contested in odd numbered years. Staying home because it's not a BIG election is just stupid.

And what's up with getting angry at people running for local office because you don't like what the federal and state governments have done? This is just more proof of what I have always known: Democrats are basically single-track dolts who have adopted "Think globally, act locally" as their mantra in all things. Here's a news flash: George Bush has nothing to do with your street being paved, or your school board voting to fire a janitor. (And if he does, he shouldn't.) And the state legislature's pay raise was not a partisan issue. It's because of things like this that I always end up clicking only Republican levers in the voting booth. The insane moonbat voter needs to be counter-balanced by people with some sense.

If I were one of the losing candidates in Green Tree, I would be glad that I didn't win. Who wants to get elected representative of morons and idiots?

In my borough, the incumbent Republican mayor was returned to office in a close race. The Republican council candidates, however, ALL LOST. Someone, somewhere, must be crowing that it's all George Bush's fault. Again, if anyone holds that view, they are deluded. In past elections, the Democrat council candidates split into two factions during the primary, and the bad blood led to one or two Republicans making it onto council in the general election. There was no division among Dems this time. I have little doubt, though, that the victors went into full moonbat mode last night and celebrated by toasting President Bush.

In Brentwood Borough, the Republican mayoral candidate, Bob Cranmer, came in third behind an independent and the victorious incumbent Dem. There is seething animosity in Brentwood that goes back over ten years to Cranmer's days as a borough councilman. He cares about Brentwood, but Brentwood doesn't care about him.

Full-bore dementia won the day for the Democrats. And those are just the municipal races.


jipzeecab said...

Speaking of "off years" meager finger in the political wind tells me that if anyone sitting in either of our current state legislative houses had been running for reelection yesterday they would have lost to their town's drunk in a genuine "throw the bums" out turnout..
My mom has cynically pointed out that while both state houses went through the motions of repealing their raises that because of disagreement of the bills in conference committee (one rescinded judge pay and the other didn't) the bill hasn't become law and she has suggested they will now forget about it since the election has passed.

Nicko McDave said...

You and your mother are both correct.

I wish I had the opportunity to throw my bum out (and I don't mean a hernia) but he's an entrenched Democrat who almost never has opposition in the primary or the general election.

The judge retention votes were...interesting, shall we say. A judge fired by Pennsylvania voters? It just isn't done. Since most people don't know anything about judge retentions and vote YES every time, I habitually vote NO just to keep the robed elders humble.