Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Big Blog Day

Today I'm home to meet the gas meter reader (assuming he/she ever shows up), run some laundry, and maybe some cleaning up if I get around to it. Oh yeah, and watching the baby and the sick boy. So look for a flurry of posts in the next hour or two.

I have a week's worth of blogging to catch up with.

Before I get out the electronic newspapers and see what's worth commenting on, I have to say, after nearly thirty years, The Muppet Show holds up well. Last night the family sat down to watch the first season DVD set and I was really taken back. The guests were great, the Muppets were hilarious, and there was little about the show that said "1970s". I was also surprised at all of the Muppet lust. No wonder so many in my generation grew up deranged and debauched. Bert, from Sesame Street, showed up for a dance number just so he could drool all over Connie Stevens. Rita Moreno was surprised by Animal (or a similar Muppet), who has a naked shoulder chewing fetish. She also danced erotically and violently with a life-sized French muppet in a saloon. And on and on it went. A lot of us grew up early because of that show.

Strangest of all was one female Muppet that I do not recall seeing when I was a child. She was unlike the other Muppets, in that she was almost made to look like an actual human being, right on down to the presence of fully-formed breasts under her pink turtleneck. This was quite disturbing. One may well wonder whether the guys in Henson's workshop were sad lonely single men.

Enough of that. On with the blogging!

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