Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Fast Eddie To The Rescue (Again)

Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell is preparing to do for the Pittsburgh Penguins what he did for the Pork Authority of Allegheny County: Use taxpayer money to lighten the organization's financial burdens and keep things going in Pittsburgh.

HARRISBURG -- Gov. Ed Rendell will consider a request for $90 million in state capital funds to help build a new arena for the Pittsburgh Penguins, who have retained a powerful state Capitol lobbyist in their effort to secure a valuable slots casino license from the state.

Well, we know that using local tax revenue is out, so if you can't force the people in the region where the Penguins' fan base resides to foot the bill, then why not make people in Oil City, Mechanicsburg, Coudersport and Honesdale fork over the loot?

Like the Pork Authority labor agreement, this is nothing more than political fodder to feed Rendell's re-election campaign, and he wants the meal to be over with ASAP. When Election Day 2006 rolls around, voters are going to walk into polling places around the region and say, "This Rendell is okay. He saved my bus ride, and he also saved my Pens. He's got my vote for sure." Because most people from Pittsburgh are braindead Democrats, you see.

I just hope that people from other parts of the state have an equal and opposite reaction to Fast Eddie's slick deals.


jipzeecab said...

Rendell has been catching hell around here politically for the station square thing so he's now trying to cover his butt. I still don't think the arena will get done.
On another topic...Supposedly the "Rooneys" who don't want a slots parlor on the North Side near their beloved Heinz Field have applied for a slots license in Chester County near Philly.

Nicko McDave said...

Yeah, I had heard about that. But was that one of the Steeler Rooneys, or just a relative? I haven't seen the details of the story, but I heard something about it being a "cousin" of Dan Rooney. There may be no direct connection to the football business.

jipzeecab said...

It may be just a relative for all I know. The Steelers aren't the only thing the Rooneys own. They've owned Yonkers Raceway in NY since 1972. There are five Rooney brothers some of whom live in Philadelphia.