Tuesday, December 06, 2005


Interesting twist in two news stories this morning: a motivational speaker is being held under kiddie pr0n charges, and a Catholic priest is under investigation for ripping off people's money.

Usually, it's the other way around. Of course, it would be nice if none of this stuff ever happened in the first place.


jipzeecab said...

An interesting side issue to the Priest story is that the last great Roman Catholic embezzeler around here was his mentor.
I have a dark spot in my heart for most "motivational speakers" who I consider to be charlatons so I'm usually happy to see one take a great fall..also I have no use for pedofiles whatsoever..I'm part of the lock em up throw away the key crowd is too good for them..however I am bothered that if you take your computer to "Best Buy" which I have have done in the past for repair..that the technicians are doing more than fixing your computer. As hideous as this activity may be it seems to me there is an unlawful search (warrantless) going on here and if its OK to report someone for child porn pictures doesn't that lay the groundwork to report anything one sees on a hard drive that is being repaired to the authorities and is this a good precedent to set? Just a thought...

Nicko McDave said...

I've wondered about that myself. You probably took your computer to the same Best Buy that I go to (Bethel Park) and my biggest worry was that the techs would find something of a controversial nature and I might get in trouble. Not that I had anything on there like porn, but I did have some mp3s on the hard drive, which can raise red flags with a few people, even if they've been downloaded or stored legally.

Also, this was before I set up my machine with all of the popular malware blockers and cleaners. I used to find some strange stuff in obscure directories on my hard drive before I started protecting my computer.

As it happens, Best Buy fixed my computer by adding more memory and the tech complimented me on the cute picture of my baby daughter that served as my wallpaper at the time!