Tuesday, December 06, 2005

In the Spirit of John Belushi

You don't read many stories like this anymore. Some guy attacked his girlfriend and her brother with his samurai sword. He's been watching too many old (as in original cast) episodes of Saturday Night Live, apparently.

He even tried to take the lady's brother out Belushi-style when he

attempted an "overhead chop," and the sword got stuck in the ceiling
which gave her the chance to do something that many people in this country would like to deprive her of the right to do: She pulled her gun on him. And fired it. And got the hell out of that house.

That's the best part about this story. The lady used her firearm, which she has an uninfringable constitutional right to do, to prevent one and possibly two murders. Good for her!

The worst part about this story? These people are all fifty-one years old! That means that they were already legal adults when SNL debuted. Don't you think the swordsman might have gotten over it by now? Yeesh.

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