Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Let's Run It Up The Skyscraper and See If Anyone Salutes It

The powers that be in the City of Pittsburgh, County of Allegheny and Commonwealth of Pennsylvania are getting behind a newly unveiled plan to build a skyscraper in downtown Pittsburgh. Oh joy. Fewer and fewer people are working downtown. Businesses are moving out, and no one wants to move in. Why not do something about the available space before opening up a new project? Half of this new building will be occupied by lawyers, and the landlord, PNC Bank, is supposed to create 1,000 new jobs for people who will work in much of the remaining space.

Maybe PNC will hire back some of the people whom they have been laying off as a cost-cutting measure. A well-placed "Whoops!" would be in order.

You gotta love another unholy union of government and business.

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jipzeecab said...

The way things work around here is they'll get this building halfway up then Wachovia will suddenly achieve its long desired takeover of PNC, fire all the PNC people and leave this project fluttering in the downtown wind.