Saturday, December 03, 2005

Oh Crap (A Post In Two Parts)

Hi, it's me again. I still haven't had much to say lately, partly because I haven't felt very productive (writer's block, I suppose), and partly because I've been trying to add a few more blogs (and new sources) to my linkage section. By the time I'm done reading the latest posts at all of these interesting blogs, I run out of time to post on my own. Perhaps I should ignore what everyone else is saying and just do my own thing. Now to get down to the meat of this post:

Oh Crap #1: A few weeks ago, I discovered a well-written blog by a prolific young fellow living here in Pittsburgh. It seemed as though he posted close to a dozen times everyday, and everything he wrote was worth reading. Naturally I wanted to add his site to my blogroll. And of course, just when I go to make that addition, he sells his services to a higher power (so to speak). Our loss is his employer's gain.

Oh Crap #2: My godfather died yesterday. I've never been the sort of person who cries or otherwise gets emotional at funerals; even when my own parents died, my concerns were more about the future than the past, or even the present. In each case, the deceased had been ill for some time and therefore the loss was not a shock. No one close to me has died suddenly and unexpectedly, which is a blessing, I suppose. A funeral should be as much an opportunity to celebrate a person's life as to mourn their death, perhaps more so. Uncle lived a good life; he was a devout and responsible man; a veteran and a hard working man; a loyal husband, father, grandfather etc. Much the same could be said about hundreds of men who die each day. The difference with this man is that I am honored to have known him, and am very proud to call him my godfather.

Funeral home visitation should commence tomorrow. Once more, I will have the opportunity to catch up with relatives whom I only get to see whenever someone dies. Most family get-togethers seem to be that way. Funny, isn't it? And then there are those people who never show up for any family events, even when the courtesy of an invitation is extended. It makes me wonder who will show up at my funeral when the time comes.

Of course, I won't ever have to worry about learning the answer to that, will I?

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