Friday, December 09, 2005

Political Ballgame

The 2006 race for US Senate from Pennsylvania is really heating up. Leftist Democrats are campaigning heavily in southwestern Pennsylvania, as indicated by a Tribune-Review has an article about the Reds sending Casey to Pittsburgh. According to the paper, Casey has a career batting average of .305 and...

Wait, I'm sorry. I thought this was about Bob Casey, Jr. It's something to do with baseball.

Never mind.

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jipzeecab said...

The PG on Wednesday had Casey saying on Tuesday night that the trade "stinks"..evidently no one is excited at first to learn they are going to be playing in Pittsburgh even home grown talent..unless of course it is for the Steelers.
Bob Casey was a little more generous toward the town on radio interviews yesterday. He was the most popular player in Cincinnati since Pete Rose even acquiring the moniker of "Mayor" there.