Friday, December 16, 2005

Put Down The Shovel And Move Away From The Sidewalk

Last night I decided to surprise my family with pizza for supper. Since the pizza shop is down the hill and around the corner from my house, I decided to walk down and pick it up rather than having it delivered. I figured that it would save the drivers a needless trip up the hill in hazardous conditions. Yesterday was a freezing rain day in Pittsburgh, which terrified a number of people, including my wife.

By 5:30 PM, the rain had turned to snow and some of my neighbors had already gotten out and shoveled their walks. They needn't have bothered, because about fifteen minutes later -- right when I stepped out to go get the pizza -- the snow had turned back into freezing rain again. The snow-covered sidewalks were nice and squishy, but trying to step across the clear pavement was like walking on greased glass. I ended up walking on the edge of the lawn in front of places where the sidewalk was ice.

I learned my lesson. Don't shovel snow when there's freezing rain. You're just making things more dangerous for pedestrians. (End of PSA)


jipzeecab said...

I believe it's "codified" that the homeowner is required to keep the sidewalk in front of ones property cleared where I live. Of course that means treat the ice too.
Fortunately back when my neighborhood was created in the 1950's they were too cheap to put in I only have to deal with the snow pushoff blocking my driveway.

Nicko McDave said...

We have a certain number of hours to clear the sidewalk after the snow hits. The mess we had last night was so bad that I felt justified in leaving it alone.

So did all but three of my neighbors, from what I could see.

Naturally, with temperatures being a few degrees higher today, I scraped the melting ice off of the concrete as soon as I got home.