Thursday, January 19, 2006

Ankle Biting Pains

My right foot, all the way to just above my ankle, feels like it's been packed full with meat. It doesn't look swollen, but it feels thick and hurts when I stand. I've been walking around like an old man -- maybe this is an onset of rheumatism? I'm not even forty years old yet, for crying out loud!

Is that Learned Foot guy some kind of podiatrist? What might he suggest to ease my pains?

I'm gonna soak in cold water before I go to work this morning. And I'm going to quietly seethe about letting this mysterious malady make me miss that French & Indian War special on WQED last night.


jipzeecab said...

Your fortunate its only one foot because when its both feet that's the number one symptom of congestive heart failure..
You probably subtly worked it too much on Sunday and are just getting around to suffering the consequences..

Nicko McDave said...

It has actually gotten better now. In the past when I have had problems with my back (which I seem to throw out every couple of years) I was told to stay off my feet, elevate any sore parts, use alternating heat and cold, etc. But you know what did the trick? Ibuprofen.

I have had prescriptions for quadruple-strength ibuprofen to ease the pain. And it works. It's the only thing that works. It worked for me this week. I wouldn't recommend it for just anyone; I was given such a strong dosage because of my excessive body weight, and you really can't do it more than a couple of days without having other problems.

But I'm okay for now.