Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Another Column Goes Boom

Every week I try to enjoy Reg Henry's column with an open mind. I know he's trying to be witty, but somehow I find myself being unable to laugh. Perhaps he's just not as funny as he thinks he is. Or maybe his constant slams at President George W. Bush bring down the humor quotient of his writings.

His entry in this morning's Pittsburgh Moist-Towelette focuses on the Baby Boom Generation. It's not a bad column, really, but my Out-of-Context-Cheap-Shot-At-the-President radar detected something about halfway down. But it wasn't GWB whom Reg was ragging on. It was the number two man in the Executive Branch:

My generation's bugle call was the Vietnam War, which sounded like a kazoo to any thinking person. Not being a thinking person at the time, I went over there anyway, but I don't think less of anyone who got multiple deferments and then later became vice president of the United States. (Well, perhaps a little bit.)
One suspects that Mr. Henry has a post-it note with the words "Must remember to remind readers weekly of animosity for incumbent administration" stuck above his office computer.

As expected, a mention of the President follows soon after:
But Dick Cheney is not a boomer but a bomb of a different sort. The examples of boomers George W. Bush and Bill Clinton are more instructive.
Following a three-paragraph digression, Reg gets around to what he means by that last sentence:
It appears that many of the hippies are now CEOs and staunch Republicans. [Hooray! -- O.] The thing about boomers is that they have had a tendency to reinvent themselves. George W. Bush was a party animal before he became an upholder of family values. Bill Clinton protested the war in Vietnam but later was not shy about using military power.
So basically, Mr. Henry is saying that he and our two most recent Presidents share a developmental characteristic common to many of their generation. He equates George W. Bush not only with Bill Clinton but also with himself.

That may be the nicest thing that I have ever seen Reg Henry write about the President. It almost makes up for the crack about Dick Cheney. Almost.

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