Friday, January 27, 2006

Learned Foot's Blogster Survey

Apparently some kind of Hipster survey is all the rage in Minnesota this week, so Kool Aid Report CEO Learned Foot has come up with a survey of his own for those of us who blog. Here, then, are my responses to The Blogster Survey:

Other than the Kool Aid Report, what is your fave blog?
It's a tie between Mauve, Flava Air Report, and Blois.
What is the best thing you can say about Willie Clark?
He hit a home run for Pittsburgh in 1898. I'm sure it helped. Somehow.
Where do you breakfast?
I always have to brake fast coming off of I-79 Heidelberg exit.
Where do you dinner?
Dinner? I don't even knower!
Where do you afternoon snack?
Vending machine down the hall. Machine charges fifteen cents less for pretzels than what the sign says they cost.
Other than LearnedFoot, who is the hottest male blogger?
Sisyphus, based on a survey of the discarded trophy wives club.
Other than Uncle Ben, who is the hottest female blogger?
Claudia Vanessa Heym. Hubba hubba!
Wi-fi, cable modem or dialup?
Cable. Isn't FiOS a choice yet?
Mitch Berg or JB Doubtless?
Dunno, which one prefers Iron Maiden?
Why are you so damn ugly?
From scrunching up my face every time I squint at the screen to read the small font on my blogs.
Where do you beer?
When I'm done, usually in a flushable porcelain bowl.
Arsenal or Everton?
Everton, of course. What kind of sicko supports a team with "arse" in its name?
Where do you news?
Online. I get everything from the internet.
Why don't you work out? (You really need to.)
Because I spend so much time in front of the computer reading, re-reading, and digesting the several-times-daily wisdom of Learned Foot. (I really don't need to.)
What's an arts organization that you've never heard of?
That one that all the hippies go to when they take a break from protesting. You know, that one.
Dude, do you, like, totally party?
Not since I turned 21. It's more fun when it's less legal.
Where is your favorite place to stand in line for a free burrito?
In front of my microwave (assuming that someone else bought it for me).
Hear me now - whenever I see someone inventing a new meme, it makes me want to X that person in the Y.
Whenever I see someone inventing a new meme, it makes me want to electrocute that person in the earlobes.

There, I'm done. Do I get a prize?

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