Thursday, January 12, 2006

Major Life Change

I'm thinking of switching my internet service (and possibly home phone service) from one mega-huge communications giant to another. This would entail a switch from high-speed cable internet to either DSL or FIOS (more likely the latter).

Is this a good move? Any suggestions?


jipzeecab said...

It's the old equipment limitations consideration. DSL is not as fast as the high speed cable (despite Verizon's's only about a third as fast). However unless you have the latest in processing etc. you don't need the speed. I'm able to watch internet TV because the quality of which improves the faster the speed. I may change my opinion about this once Adelphia really becomes Comcast which sells slower high speed cable grades than everybody already has with Adelphia where I live.
I don't think they've perfected the process of making fiber optic faster yet in this realm or Verizon would be doing it.

Nicko McDave said...

Age of equipment is definitely an issue where my service is concerned. My six-year-old home computer runs on Windows 98, has a Pentium III processor, and seems to be more responsible for slowly loading pages than is my cable connection. I don't plan on buying a newer machine anytime soon, unless mine needs to be replaced.

When I first had cable, it was slower than DSL but Comcast has upped the speed a couple of times in the last few years. I've not considered switching until recently, and that more due to the cost than speed issues.

I suppose I could be quite happy living with Verizon's slower (and much cheaper!) DSL service. But some discussion board talk that I checked out yesterday leads me to believe that Verizon is banking everything on its Fiber Optic Service (FIOS) which is faster than DSL and apparently Cable as well.

I may go with FIOS over both DSL and Comcast cable; either way, Verizon is available in my area, and gives me a nice option should I decide to make a change.

jipzeecab said...

At the moment I have 12mpbs direct connection speed (11mpbs with my wireless router) for 39.95.
However I checked my connection speed against a couple of those "free speedometers" out there on the net and they say my wireless is pumping along at 20 mpbs.
For a few dollars more I could have 15mpbs with Verizon FIOS..2nd grade up.
However Adelphia also threw in 19 off mkt premium movie channels for free for a year which runs out in April.