Thursday, January 19, 2006

Patting Myself On the Back...Of the Pants

Congratulations to me! I just learned that my blog is the number one Google search result for:

pull your pants down friday

Site Meter, what would I do without you?


jipzeecab said...

I was number 2 yesterday (19th) on MSN for "play mobil boy on scooter"...
for both of us just in time to find out the Feds have supoened the search engines looking for porn

Nicko McDave said...

Congrats! I hope you make it to number one soon.

Yeah, what the heck? Google had better stand its ground. Any number of innocently used keywords can be mistaken for pornography, and that would not be fair to the vast majority of internet users. I once used a pornography detecting program on my hard drive, and it tried to tell me that my genealogy database was hidden pornography because some of the people in my file lived in BEAVER County.

jipzeecab said...

I once picked up a "Christian Rock Band" (which coincidentally was playing an afternoon concert at an old employer of yours..SH Borders)at Greater Pittsburgh International Airport. As we were driving out of the Gr. Pittsburgh Int. Airport one of the members piped up and said, "I love Pittsburgh..the first thing you do is have a choice between Moon and Beaver!"