Thursday, January 26, 2006

Steelers Fans Keep Embarrassing Themselves

Do you know how easy it is for me to not be a Pittsburgh Steelers fan in this part of the world? After what happened to the high school student in Beaver County last week, I really don't want to be associated with those cretins.

The kid has had to retain an attorney, and now he is missing at least a week of school because of the idiot teacher who led a barrage of harassment against him. The abuse did not end when the boy left school that day:

Attorney Nicholas Frisk III said his client, Joshua Vannoy, 17, has received "nasty" telephone threats from classmates at Beaver Falls High School who disapprove of him complaining about his treatment last week by John Kelly, a popular teacher and diehard Steelers fan. Joshua wore the shirt two days before the Steelers and Broncos competed for the AFC championship.

"We want to make sure there is no retribution," said Mr. Frisk. "Our No. 1 concern is getting him back to school as quickly as possible and making sure he's in a safe environment."

Nice classmates, huh? I suppose that the teacher's popularity has skyrocketed since last Friday's incident. There's nothing like the gang mentality to unite a horde of potential thugs behind a proven leader. Really, this thing sounds like the birth of a primitive tribe.

Of course the school's principal is siding with the teacher. And what about the superintendent of the district?

Dr. Nugent, whose office lobby contains a Christmas tree draped with Terrible Towels and crowned with a Steelers helmet, said Monday she's taking the matter seriously.
Oh yeah, that's a really helpful statement. Joshua ought not to look to her for support. Her true colors are literally on display for all to see.

He also need not try to commune with those who have gone before him:

Comments posted on an online alumni forum for Beaver Falls High School are largely in support of Mr. Kelly, who many former students describe as a favorite teacher who shaped their minds and molded their character.

Drinking water supplied via lead pipes might have something to do with it, too. A high school diploma is not evidence of intelligence or discipline, in the way that a college degree is. If Mr. Kelly made these people who they are today, I would have to say, based on this past week's news, that they are in all likelihood a group of drooling morons. In other words, Pittsburgh Steelers fans.

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Akita said...

Before you start calling people drooling morons, it wouldn't hurt for you to take some time and think about some things, not to mention find out the true facts of this case before jumping to conclusions, unlike the media.

Seems a little odd to me that the family chose to contact the media in Denver rather than the local media. Not to mention the fact that they should have gone through the proper channels of dealing with the incident before running straight to the press. All the students in that ELECTIVE class (as well as their parents) are required to sign a waiver at the beginning of the year pretty much saying that they understand they will be discriminated against at any time, in any way or form, for the purpose of understanding what ethnic intimidation feels like. He knew what he was signing up for when he chose to take the class. Other students in the past have read the waiver and chosen NOT to take the class because they weren’t comfortable with what was going to take place. If, as the family claims, this was purely about his grade and nothing else, then they should have turned down that stupid heated recliner that John Elway is giving him. Please! Oh yeah, and the FAMILY issued a press release yesterday inviting the media to come to their house and witness this great event of the chair being delivered.

I listened to students on the radio yesterday who were actually in that class on that particular day who report that John Kelly never laid a hand on Josh like he claims. They also reported that Josh was laughing along with the class and with Mr. Kelly while he was sitting on the floor. Now tell me, who is worse in this whole debacle? The teacher who was joking with the kid the same way he’s joked with all of his students who have worn any other teams’ jersey to his class, or the parents who chose to take advantage of this situation for some sort of monetary gain, whether it be Super Bowl tickets (because, come on! why else would they have called DENVER the day before the AFC championship game…that the Steelers were not expected to win) or some stupid Barka lounger from John Elway? If they attempt to sue the school district or the teacher, SHAME ON THEM!