Thursday, January 19, 2006

Steelers Fans On the Rampage

I have never thought as Pittsburgh as an especially violent city. Political turmoil sometimes leads to protests, but despite the anger, things have never really gotten very far out of hand.

Sports fans' victory celebrations, on the other hand, can get way out of hand if not planned for carefully. That's why the city is preparing for large scale rioting in case of a Pittsburgh Steelers' victory over the Denver Broncos in the upcoming AFC Championship game:

If the Steelers win their game in Denver on Sunday, police in Pittsburgh might resort to shutting down the South Side to contain rowdy fans, they said.

They've learned from experience.

Pittsburgh police Assistant Chief William Mullen, who has worked plenty of celebrations involving the city's three sports teams during his 37 years on the force, said the Steelers' AFC Championship win in 1995 forced police to close Carson Street.

"We had guys out there in riot gear, really no-nonsense,'' Mullen said Wednesday. "We just shut the South Side down before anything got out of hand.''

My father lived on the South Side for the first ten years of his life and he made it sound like a particularly rough neighborhood. That was in 1930! Sounds like old Birmingham is still a major trouble spot.

Good thing I live in the suburbs.


jipzeecab said...

Not to worry..those people have all moved to Dormont..
Did you hear that out in California somebody threw a rock through the front window of the Ref who reversed the interseption call...
Yinzers are everywhere!

Nicko McDave said...

Dormont? I hang in Dormont. Should I be looking out for trouble this weekend?

Yinzers are everywhere, and they are PSYCHOTIC.