Friday, January 20, 2006

Ted Kennedy Is As Much Of An Ass As Ever

Well here's a big surprise: Senators Kennedy, Durbin and Leahy have stepped forth to declare that they will be voting against the Alito Supreme Court nomination. You can just knock me over with a feather. Go ahead. Watch me fall. I am in shock.

It seems that, in addition to all of the standard lefty complaints, the Senators have learned that Judge Alito has applied for membership in the dreaded Federalist Society. To Democrats, the Federalist Society is like Death Eaters to Harry Potter, like the Sith to the Jedi, or like antibiotics to an infection. Teddy tells us that

In November 2000, the Florida recount was on, and the right wing was salivating over the prospect that George Bush would prevail in that close election. Judge Alito may well have been submitting his application for a Supreme Court nomination.
You have to hand it to Old Kennedy. How many elected officials of either party carry around saliva detectors in their pockets? I don't remember any of us right wingers openly drooling, so Teddy must have used his handy little device to measure the increase in the moistness inside of right wing mouths.

Just for the record, I prefer not to use a saliva detector on anyone or anything. I especially am not interested in the bodily fluids of Democrats. In fact, I find the suggestion that the amount of slobber inside of one's mouth is directly proportional to one's interest in sitting on the Supreme Court to be just a tad disgusting.

I wonder if cocktail waitresses at Teddy's favorite bars have similar devices to check on the Senator's drool levels.

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