Wednesday, January 04, 2006

That's Funny, They Look American To Me

The city of Pittsburgh has a new mayor. From the Moist-Towelette article by Dennis B. Roddy:

On a day that threatened rain and promised change, Pittsburghers by the hundreds crowded through metal detectors at the City County Building, ate their way from the front entrance all the way down to a bank of elevators that lugged them to the fifth floor to meet the 58th Mayor of Pittsburgh. Mr. O'Connor, flanked by a family that resembled the United Nations -- black grandchildren, a Jewish wife, a Catholic priest of a son -- gripped, grinned and prepared to govern as worried aides tried to get all the visitors past him before his first term ended.
Think about the sheer stupidity of what Mr. Roddy is saying here. By saying that Mayor O'Connor's family "resembled the United Nations", the writer implies that they have more in common with the rest of the world than with people in the United States of America. In 21st century America, there is nothing unusual about "mixed" marriages. It's quite common to see families where one parent has dark skin, the other has light skin, and the children share physical aspects of both parents, especially in the city where the population is much more heterogeneous than elsewhere.

That family doesn't look like the United Nations. It looks like the United States of America. Dennis Roddy doesn't get out very often, does he?

Not surprisingly, this sort of comment has been made in the mainstream media before.

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jipzeecab said...

My mother watched this inauguration on TV and told me that while this article had the Larry Reichart quote right it didn't say that they actually went ahead and started to swear O'Connor in and stopped "mid oath" when a tardy Rendell finally showed up and then they started the whole deal over again after he got situated.
Some of Roddy's writings are actually funny (I'm under the impression he's supposed to be the humorist) but this particular article reveals his liberal bias thinking that diversity (whether quite natural as you suggest) has to constantly be pointed out to the rest of us boobs "because we just don't get it"...