Monday, January 09, 2006

We All Know That This Stuff Happens

Ruth Ann Dailey tells us another reason that the Pork Authority sucks.


jipzeecab said...

I have some experience in these kinds of matters having run the largest sightseeing company in Boston for a couple of years. I've never really looked closely at the PAT bus configuration (placement of bumpers, staircases etc). I do know this;
It takes very little contact between a bus and a typical automobile to do a lot of physical damage to a car. And unless "panel paint" on the bus is involved there is not necessarily going to be any physical damage on the bus. Bumpers, skirts, staircase ends etc have plenty of scratches and marks on them from the road salt etc that may camophlauge any scratch from an accident and residual paint from the car could be cleaned off the bumper material by a driver who knew he'd hit the car.
I am surprised PAT wasn't willing to listen to the testimony of the passenger as an objective witness. Also "somebody" in Scott Township or Greentree is responsible for LE investigation of accidents.
Then again this is why people should carry their own collision insurance.

Nicko McDave said...

Thanks, I've wondered about the relative degree of physical damage in a bus-car collision, particularly in a scrape.

A couple of years ago, I was on a bus making a left turn from Fifth onto Craft Avenue at the eastern end of Oakland. (There are two parallel left turn lanes.) A car pulled up alongside the bus. The car's occupants called out to the bus driver that his vehicle had scraped the side of their car. Both vehicles pulled over to inspect the damage and begin the process of correcting the problem.

Our bus driver came back to the bus briefly to ask whether anyone had noticed the bus scraping the car. No one had seen or heard a blessed thing. He was quite frustrated about that. The riders were more concerned about getting home than anything else, though it doesn't surprise me that no one saw anything happen. Bus seating is generally a bit high off the ground for passengers to notice what's happening with adjacent vechicles.

As you suggest, there was an obvious scratch along the side of the car, but nothing on the bus. That's a bad intersection for two parallel left turn lanes. Many buses make that turn, and I am surprised that scraping doesn't happen more often.