Monday, February 06, 2006

Is It Safe To Come Out Now?

I've been laying low for the last few days for fear that I will be visually assaulted with a barrage of black and gold. Good thing, too. At my bus stop this morning, there was an overturned trash receptacle. Undoubtedly this went down at the same time that cars a block away on the main drag were honking their horns like crazy. (Well, the drivers of the cars were honking the horns, but you probably realized that that's what I meant.) I didn't expect to see anything like that in my neighborhood.

I did, however, expect to see the aftermath of a wild celebration in the section of Pittsburgh where I work. At least two mailboxes were left lying on their sides, numerous trash cans were emptied of their contents, and beer bottles were deposited all up and down the avenue. The best that I can say about the bottles is that they were all empty and intact. Waste not, want not, as they say.

The whole scene would have been more amusing had I not been accompanied on my morning visit to the office by my young son, the most impressionable of my children. He seemed to be too distracted by the cold cold weather to take much notice, however.

The topper was something that I saw on the news last night around midnight: A car had been completely overturned less than one block from my office. Thank goodness I take the bus. It just ain't safe anywhere that you find Steelers fans these days.

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