Monday, February 13, 2006

"Mike" Hears Everything

It seems some folks in the media are making hay about something that the President said while his microphone, unbeknownst to him was still on:

After six minutes of public remarks by the president, reporters were ushered out. "I support the free press; let's just get them out of the room," Bush said, intending to speak behind closed doors with fellow Republicans and take lawmakers' questions.
This was actually kind of cool. I must say, though, that I'm a little disappointed that he didn't hearken back to his famous remark from the 2000 campaign and say something like "Let's get the Major League Asshole All-Star Team the hell out of the room". His approval rating might have gone up ten points. Cussing works, you know; at least two people I worked with six years ago told me that they decided to vote for Bush because he called Adam Clymer a MLA.

And even if you don't like it when someone like the President cusses, it's not as if he shot somebody. Oops.

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