Monday, February 06, 2006

Search Terms That Bring People To This Blog

For your amusement, and mine:

smell the stinkiest feet (Must be something to do with that Learned Foot guy)

calvin and hobbes piss steelers (And everyone else who crosses them)

scientific award given to honour people who accidentally kill themselves in stupid ways (I'd like to thank the academy...)

"That rabbit is getting on my last nerve!" (A search for which I am number one!)

obi-wan kenobi poison stomach pain yell (This must be from one of Mary Beth Ellis's erotic fantasies gone bad)
Pittsburgh Whorehouses (Someone must have been trying to find out where those drunk Roethlisberger pictures were taken)

Most of my search hits have been from people looking for something about that kid who wore that shirt to that school. I officially became bored with that story over a week ago, when I came down with a stomach virus. Also lots of people looking for stuff about One for the thumb in 81.

At least they're not still not looking for nude pictures of Howard's daughter.

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