Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Throng, Th-throng, Throng, Throng

They sure were packed in tight yesterday for the Steelers victory parade:

An estimated quarter of a million people -- one of the largest crowds in Pittsburgh's history -- clogged Downtown arteries yesterday to honor the Steelers and their Super Bowl XL victory.

Clinging to lampposts, perched in trees, hanging out of office windows, crowded on parking decks and standing 15-deep in places along the 1.2-mile parade route from Mellon Arena to Gateway Center were people of every size, age and color, a true Steeler Nation that had endured 26 years of dashed dreams and unfulfilled prayers while waiting to celebrate the

And celebrate they did.

Do you know why the Super Bowl is held in the middle of winter instead of the middle of summer? Try hanging out with 250,000 people jammed into a crowded city neighborhood in the middle of summer and tell me how nice it smells. No one's going to celebrate for very long when they are on the verge of passing out from the stench. A midwinter celebration, on the other hand, is perfect for such a large crowd. All of that body heat must have raised the temperature by a few degrees so that it would be less evident that weather conditions outside were below freezing. (At least it felt like freezing where I was.)

Between the players and the fans, it's a wonder that there was room for the rest of the parade participants:

There were seven high school marching bands, mounted Allegheny County
sheriff's deputies on their skittish horses, Pittsburgh motorcycle police, city
vehicles with horns blaring and lights flashing, and cars filled with Steelers
players, the Rooney family, coaches, the team's broadcast trio of Tunch Ilkin,
Craig Wolfley and Bill Hillgrove, and county Chief Executive Dan Onorato and
Pittsburgh Mayor Bob O'Connor.

Some should've asked those last two guys if they intend to vote for Lynn Swann this fall.

Ben Roethlisberger was there, of course, showing off the neatly trimmed goatee that David Letterman gave him the other night. No one will recognize him as the drunk in the bomb shelter now!

I'm glad so many people had fun, but I am also glad that I was no where near this. I ain't down with mass hysteria, especially when I have a relapse of the stomach flu. Speaking of which, if you'll please excuse me...

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