Friday, March 17, 2006

Dead Even

The Pennsylvania Governor's race is looking very interesting right now:

Democratic Gov. Ed Rendell and Republican challenger Lynn Swann are running neck and neck, a new independent statewide poll shows.

In a hypothetical election, Rendell and Swann each would get 44 percent of the vote, with 10 percent undecided and 2 percent for others, according to the Strategic Vision poll.

"Dead even. You can't get much closer than that," said David E. Johnson, pollster for Atlanta-based Strategic Vision, a public relations and marketing firm.

That's nice to know, but I'm not sure I even care about this race right now. Why worry about candidates in uncontested primary races? The state house races are going to keep us entertained over the next couple of months. Let's see how many incumbents survive the primaries. Then we'll talk about Swann and Rendell.

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