Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Editorial Page Insipidity

An editorial in the Moist-Towelette today concludes with this bizarre and cryptic note:

Mr. Bush's new chief of staff will have his work cut out for him, but if the president is looking for true salvation, he's two or three human sacrifices away.
It's basically another attempt by the leftist media to try and tell the President how to run his administration. It's interesting, though, that the editorial writers chose to use a death metaphor to express their feelings about making some personnel changes near the top. What do they really want to see happen?

In another example of Bush Derangement Syndrome, the editorialists end a piece about local Clean Water Act violations by saying, out of the blue, that it's all Bush's fault. Actually, they are just echoing the sentiment of some eco-pressure group, but they could have come up with it on their own in any case.

The third commentary surprisingly lacks any mention of the President. It's an expression of outrage at the closing of a charter school in the city of Pittsburgh. That's actually something that I can agree with.

The weekly Dan Simpson column finds fault with the Bush administration for not being nicer to the bad guys overseas. Yeah, like we should have been supporting the Iranian nuclear program and Saddam's government instead of letting the Russians do it. Got it. At least Dan doesn't come off as psycho as he did before his North African vacation last year.

In a nice change, Reg Henry, the most obsessive BDS sufferer at the Moist-Towelette, manages to go through an entire column without making even one reference to the President. Actually he does talk about the President, but it's the President of Taiwan. He even got to meet him, in fact, as part of some kind of journalistic fellowship program. Does this mean that Reg is going to be on some sort of long-term assignment in the Far East? We can only hope.

I mean, we can only hope that the entire PG editorial staff gets sent overseas permanently.

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