Friday, March 10, 2006

I Eat T-Bone Steaks And Lift Barbell Plates...

...I'm sweeter than a German chocolate cake. Well, maybe not. I haven't touched a barbell in about ten years, and as to whether I'm sweet, well, sweetness is in the mouth of the beholder. But I am German (partly), and I did eat a T-Bone steak for breakfast.

For some reason, my employer considers the second Friday in March to be Great American's Day, which means absolutely nothing to me but that I get a day off. Bogus holiday? I'm not complaining. I celebrated by taking my little daughter out to breakfast this morning.

Eat 'n Park restaurants have been a Pittsburgh tradition for decades. We live around the corner and up the hill from one, so every now and then we pop in for a nice meal. The breakfast buffet is not available on weekdays -- at this location, anyway -- so I found myself having to look over the menu. I'm the kind of guy who likes to sit down, tell the waitress that I want the buffet, then get up and charge the trough. The baby made her choice right away: pancakes and bacon. Good girl. I couldn't take my eyes off of the most expensive item on the menu: Steak and Eggs.

Not just any steak, but a T-Bone Steak. Ah yes -- I am under the influence of Superstar Billy Graham, hence the opening line of this post. You gotta dig his rap, brutha. It's infectious. And the steak was delicious, though in future I ought to get it at least medium instead of medium-rare.

Little doll girl ended up giving me more than half of her pancakes to finish. She loves to share, and doesn't expect anything in return. For all I know, this might just be her way of preventing herself from growing up fat like Daddy. Smart kid.

If she really wants to be a much more physically fit individual than her father, she needs to complement her sensible diet with exercise. Then, when she is old enough, she can start working out with barbell plates.

She's already sweeter than a German chocolate cake.

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