Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Oh His Poor Hands

Why do I feel like biting my monitor's screen and spitting out the broken glass? Perhaps it is because I just read a new item about new agey musical type Yanni beating up his girlfriend:

Flamboyant New Age keyboardist Yanni has been arrested for alleged domestic battery in the wealthy coastal town of Manalapan, Fla.


...she was hiding in the bathroom after allegedly being shaken, pushed and slapped by her boyfriend.

Police said she had a bloody lip, but Yanni claimed she hurt herself when he grabbed her arms after she kicked him in the groin.

As if the assault wasn't enough, the next bit really got my blood to boiling:

Yanni's attorney told the newspaper there was no way his client would have hit Barthes because "the last thing this man would want to do is hurt his hands."
Think about this. Yanni wouldn't have hit the woman because it might hurt his hands. What about the girl? Is she insignificant in comparison to the magic fingers of the great Yanni? Do Yanni and his lawyer think that it would have been acceptable if he had kicked her instead?

They probably do. After all, as the article states, Yanni lives in a $7.7 million estate in Florida. He could buy her off with no problem. Publicity quashed, no questions asked. Though one may well wonder just how popular Yanni would be in prison when the other convicts find out that he beat up a woman.

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jipzeecab said...

Yanni is a guy whose commercial success is directly related to his "niche" career as a PBS fundraiser. Someone joked last night that the argument started when Yanni came home and found his old lady playing a "John Tesh" album.
You'd have thought they could have settled this with "seconds" playing dueling violins...
ok, I'll go back now and brood some more about Art Buchwald's impending demise..