Thursday, March 02, 2006

The Sleep of Unreason

Yesterday morning, just before my awakening, I experienced a strange and vivid dream. Some folks would find it rather disturbing, but it didn't strike me that way at all.

About halfway into the dream (the part that I actually remember), I was in a room with a coffin on display, as if in a funeral home. Except it wasn't a funeral home; it was more like someone's living room. There were three small bodies in the coffin. I recognized one of them as my son, but the others were hard to tell. I have no waking recollection of the circumstances that led to these three people (possibly all children) to be clumsily tossed into this coffin.

As I stood before the coffin looking at the bodies (which I wasn't even sure were actually dead), I decided that they needed to be heated. Perhaps I wanted to cremate them. Somehow, this dream coffin had controls like a stove, so I turned up the heat and the mass of pink flesh (apparently the bodies were unclothed) began cooking and turning red. After a couple of minutes, someone (possibly my wife, but I can't say for sure) walked over to me and insisted that the bodies were not dead. This surprised me, as I was sure that the forms were lifeless; after all, the flesh from each body was starting to melt into that of the others, was it not? Who could not react to that?

At this point, I turned around to look at the coffin again and saw that the three figures slowly began to rise and emerge from the coffin. They were not cooked at all, just toasty warm as if they had been sleeping with an electric blanket. And they were full clothed. Climbing down as if getting out of bed early in the morning, my son and the two indistinct figures slowly wandered away showing no signs of damage. Of course they wouldn't be damaged! How could I cook people in a coffin without setting the whole thing on fire? It's full of drapery, after all.

For once, a dream had some kind of closure. I didn't wake up needing reassurance that it was all just a dream. The dream did that for me before it ended. And when I did get up, I did not feel disturbed by the dream at all. I know the difference between imagination and reality, after all.

How many people can accurately say the same thing?

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