Thursday, March 23, 2006

Thus Falls A Contender

Well, well. It looks like the signature that my wife applied to Mike Crossey's ballot petition was for naught:

Democrat Mike Crossey won't be able to run for state representative in the 27th District because he doesn't legally live in the district, a Commonwealth Court judge ruled yesterday.

Too bad. The more Democrats tussling in the primary, the better. Not that a Republican would have a chance anyway, but it's nice to see the other guys sweat a little.

Mr. Crossey's attempt to claim he was a resident of both Mt. Lebanon, which is outside the district, and Dormont, which is part of the district, was flawed, Judge Bernard L. McGinley wrote. The judge wrote that is it illegal for Mr. Crossey to live apart from his wife to establish residency so he could run against incumbent state Rep. Tom Petrone, D-Crafton Heights.

This is a great blow to the hopes of men everywhere. We ought to have the right to live wherever we want, even if it is on a separate continent from our wives

Mr. Crossey said he was "kind of shocked" by the decision because he thought he had done everything needed to become a resident. He said he disagreed with the decision but would not appeal because of the cost involved.
Yeah, he might actually have to sell one of his houses. It must be nice to be rich enough to be able to afford two houses. If I sold my house to pay a debt, I'd have to move into a dumpster.

It will be interesting to see how many candidates make it to the primary, considering the number of court challenges going on right now. But let's save the popcorn and beer for more lively entertainments.

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