Thursday, March 16, 2006

Your Tax Dollars At Work

...that is, if you pay taxes to Uncle Sam:

Port Authority of Allegheny County plans to ask the federal government as early as this week for at least $20 million more to bring subway service under the Allegheny River to the North Shore.

Although the chance of getting more money from Washington is slim, transit officials say it might be the last hope for building the North Shore Connector. Bids for the $393 million light-rail extension came back significantly higher than expected and County Chief Executive Dan Onorato has vowed not to spend any more than already pledged.
Doesn't the Pork Authority have anything better to do than continually hit up all levels of government for taxpayers' money? Whether it's a useless parking garage, a sweet union labor agreement, or a trolley extension, we the people end up getting soaked.

Any chance of Allegheny County getting corporate sponsorship, selling more advertising on buses and trolleys, or naming rights for bus stops and trolley stations? Of course not, because that wouldn't be an exercise of power. When you get federal money, you get federal power, and screw the private sector.

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