Thursday, March 30, 2006

Zombie Constituency

Oh good grief, they're going after dead people now:

Sandra Bradley knew her husband was registered as a Republican, but she was stunned to learn his name was on a recent petition supporting the re-election bid of state Rep. Michael Diven, R-Beechview.

There's no way James J. Bradley Jr. signed the petition March 4, as it indicates, she said. The Baldwin Township man died more than three years ago.

And he wasn't the only member of the Reanimated corpse-American community to back Mike Diven:

Her husband wasn't the only deceased voter named on the petition. A Pittsburgh Tribune-Review search of obituaries found matches for at least three other names of dead people.
If they keep looking, I'm sure they'll turn up more. Who comes up with this crap, anyway? It's like Diven never stopped bring a Democrat, as least in terms of how his supporters gathering signatures. And speaking of Diven's former comrades:

Republicans contended House Minority Leader H. William DeWeese, D-Greene County, was behind the challenges to Diven.

Mike Manzo, DeWeese's chief of staff, said Diven should "blame himself."

"From what I understand, there was possible criminal activity on his end," Manzo said.

That's possible -- but would Diven have committed the forgery himself? I rather doubt that political candidates personally and meticulously examine their petitions for irregularities. They trust the people who work for them, and there is some evidence that Diven's chief of staff might be responsible for the forgeries.

Mike Diven, to his credit, is taking full responsibility for this petition mess by withdrawing from the race, ruling out the possibility that he would run as either a write-in Republican or an independent. It looks like the cute chick is a shoo-in in the 22nd district.


jipzeecab said...

I was so-oe hoping she was a Marine, and then it turned out she was just another liberal shyster. Ah..and the photo-op with Bubba..where did her morterboard go?

Nicko McDave said...

Good question...perhaps she converted it into a chastity belt for this special occasion.