Thursday, April 13, 2006

A Clean Sweep Of The Governor's Mansion?

The Trib tells us that Mr. PACleanSweep himself, Russ Diamond, is trying to get onto the ballot as an independent in the Pennsylvania Governor's race. This is interesting in that it seems too soon to tell which major party candidate, Ed Rendell or Lynn Swann, he is most likely to "take" votes from. He may very well attract disaffected voters from both parties who take a "throw the bums out" approach to the post-pay raise political climate in the Commonwealth.

Stepping back a bit, we learn that Russ Diamond has a history of involvement in politics as an affiliate of...the Libertarian Party! Of course, he couldn't have just popped up out of nowhere and formed an organization like PACleanSweep. Last summer was an opportune time for a Libertarian to take advantage of the pay raise controversy and attract people from both parties to his cause. But will they go all the way in an effort to send him to Harrisburg?

It's too soon to tell. Let's wait until after the primary and see how many PACleanSweep candidates are in the running this fall. We haven't had a good three-way governor's race since 1998. If nothing else, the Diamond candidacy will keep us awake over the next five months before the race really heats up.

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