Sunday, April 16, 2006

Looking For Hidden Meaning Where None Exists

Yesterday morning I had the opportunity to hear, for about the third or fourth time, a candidate for State Representative in a neighboring district, which is unfortunate since I would vote for the guy if I could. He's barely old enough to run for the office, yet he is bright, wise, well-informed, conservative, and says all the right things. He has core Republican principles but does not sound like he's using talking points when he tells you what he believes and why he's running.

Then I noticed his new lawn signs (which you can see in the flash header at his official web site). They have his name in big letters over the name of the office for which he is running. And there is an additional graphic: A red star.

Why in Reagan's name would a Republican running a campaign based on solid conservative credentials use a Soviet communist emblem in his advertising? I've seen this sort of thing before, also from a conservative candidate.

Some people are liable to see the sign and think, "He sounds good on the issues, but there's a red star on his sign so he must be some kind of commie. I'm voting for the other guy."

It could be worse, I suppose. At least it doesn't look like a swastika.

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