Wednesday, April 19, 2006

The News Just Sucks Anymore

Hey, did you heard about the teacher down in Washington County who made her students vote on whether or not they would have an abortion? Not high school or college students, either -- these were fourth graders. I don't care what the teacher's position on abortion is, that's really pushing the envelope when it comes to picking a topic for a social studies lesson. Remember "Bill" from Schoolhouse Rock? He was all about making school buses stop at railroad crossings. That's the kind of ordinary, everyday issue that you expect your kid to discuss in fourth grade social studies.

From the article:

[Teacher] was explaining the voting process April 5 when the subject turned to abortion, [Parent] said.

[Teacher] told her 9- and 10-year-old students that, during an abortion, a needle is injected into a woman's belly, and the fetus is sucked out and killed, [Parent] said.

She then told students to put their heads on their desks, close their eyes and vote on whether they would have an abortion or put a baby up for adoption, [Parent] said. [Teacher] voted for adoption, he said.

Not surprisingly, the kids went home traumatized. This is something that parents need to discuss with their children at home. See what happens when we let the schools usurp our responsibilities?

I've already started to consider homeschooling of some sort for mine. This story just makes me feel even more strongly about it.

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jipzeecab said...

Unfortunately every school in the USA has at least one teacher whose elevator doesn't stop on every floor..if you catch my drift. We have unions to protect them when they do something foolish enough to get everyone's attention...and they have to be protected so that the other teachers will be protected least that's what I used to tell myself when I was defending their sorry asses!