Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Sailing, Sailing, Over The Bounding Main (Street)

Sometimes, a bus is just a bus.

Yesterday afternoon, my bus was more like a schooner or a giant raft -- and it didn't even need water to enhance the effect. I've been on buses that did not move the way that buses are supposed to move, but this one was under the delusion that it was some kind of boat.

The ride along the row of stops in the neighborhood where I work was normal enough. Once we were on the speedy access road to the bridge home, things changed. When the bus began to accelerate, something felt wrong. Why did it seem like the bus was swaying? Well, because it was.

The faster the bus went, the harder it rocked. I'm sure I heard a pair of ladies use the word "seesaws" at least twice. I've never seen so many passengers grab the metal bars at once. To make it worse, the bus was entering a section of the road that runs along a downhill grade with a bend -- and everybody seems to speed up on this stretch. I kept looking at the river below and wondering whether we really were going to end up in the water. Do buses float or sink?

But no -- the river was a little too far away. We were a little closer to the Allegheny County Jail. Imagine that: A bus rolls off of a ramp, slamming into the front of the jail building and sparking a massive prison break. Just the kind of publicity that the Pork Authority needs.

Somehow the bus got everyone home without flipping upside down. In the end, it didn't faze me, since I have a strong sense of inevitability about death that outweighs any fear that I might feel. But I'm sure that, come rush hour this afternoon, a lot of my fellow passengers are going to be hopped up on Dramamine.

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jipzeecab said...

When a car or van acts like that a/some tie rod(s) are broken or disconnected(those extra metal rods which provide support to the axle where the wheel and brakes are at)..very dangerous. I've seen it happen on tour buses which didn't go very fast but it should be fixed right away.