Friday, April 14, 2006

Somebody Call Me A Doctor

Just before I woke up this morning, I had a dream about Star Wars. I was watching the movie (in the dream) but it wasn't the way I remembered it. Some of it took place in 1970s San Francisco, or at least that's where it seemed to take place, based on the hilly urban landscape. I remember something about Mike Farrell (who at the time the Star Wars movies were being made would have been appearing on M*A*S*H) going out to his car only to find that it had been partially destroyed in some kind of battle that Luke Skywalker was having. With something that I can't recall, if in fact I ever saw it. On the streets of San Francisco.

There was also a segment that took place in a discotheque, but I can't remember the details, only that it was near the end of The Empire Strikes Back and was touted as being one of the most moving scenes in film history.

Yep, the entire decade of the 1970s suddenly comes bursting into my subconscious while I'm trying to enjoy a relaxing sleep. Surely reversion to a conscious state would free me from the mania.

No such luck. After getting bathed and dressed, I went down to the kitchen to prepare my sandwich for lunch. I decided to take along a couple of the red delicious apples that I bought at the grocery last night. The plastic bag that contained the apples had a web address indicating that they were grown in an orchard in New York state.

For the next several minutes, I could not erase the image of Hillary Clinton as the Evil Queen from Snow White out of my mind.

Doctor, I need a cure!

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