Wednesday, April 19, 2006

When One Just Isn't Enough

This isn't one of those things you read about everyday:

A former Hempfield woman accused of juggling multiple marriages was taken to the Westmoreland County Prison after her attorney failed Tuesday in an attempt to get her bigamy case dropped.

Julia Bish, 33, spent seven months as a fugitive before appearing yesterday before Common Pleas Judge John E. Blahovec.

Police charge that she still was married to a Hempfield man when she married two other men during Las Vegas trips in 2002 and 2004.

Authorities say she fled to Nebraska with yet another husband she married in Ohio. A bench warrant was issued when she missed a Sept. 15 court date.

This raises a few questions. Was she married to more than two men at once? How did she juggle the relationships? Was she trying to make a point by getting married to another husband before splitting with the first, or was she just being psycho? I know people can be attracted to one another in an instant, but isn't it worth learning more about your fiancee before taking your vows?

Perhaps it's a Las Vegas thing. If nothing else, the lady's attorney can spin the "What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas" defense and request a mistrial because no one outside of Vegas should have been allowed to know about the second and third marriages. But that doesn't explain Ohio.

This news story has got to make things a little awkward around the office:
Her husband in Pennsylvania is Randy Bish, the Tribune-Review's editorial cartoonist, who said outside the courtroom yesterday that a divorce almost is finalized. The couple wed in 1990 and have five children.
This has gotta be rough on those kids. I'm on my way to being a father of five also, and I'd hate to think of what would happen to mine if my marriage ended. The sensible thing in this case would be to give the father full custody. Given the discrimination against father's in the current legal system, I wouldn't put money on that just yet.

The judge in this case has ruled sensibly, even warding off a challenge to the case that makes a mockery of the concept of states' rights:

Defense attorney Larry Burns argued that, under common law, Pennsylvania authorities have no jurisdiction because the allegedly criminal marriages happened in Nevada.

Blahovec ruled against Burns.

Good thing, too, because had he ruled otherwise, he would have legitimized polygamy and who knows what other sham relationships masquerading as marriage.

This case is as good an argument as any in favor of a Defense of Marriage Amendment. It's not just about homosexuals.

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jipzeecab said...

Sometimes you just don't want to be part of the news.
Probably with these out of state guys she took out insurance policies for and moved on...a better odds lottery of sorts..