Monday, May 22, 2006

At Last, The Truth Revealed!

Last month I suggested that future State Representative Mark Harris of Mount Lebanon might have made a mistake by posting campaign signs with a Soviet-style red star emblem next to his name.

Then, a few days later, I noticed that many of the signs had been altered; the red stars had been covered with red duct tape so that a plain red field stood next to Mark Harris's name. I figured that someone with the campaign felt the same way I did about the Bolshevik emblem and decided to do something about it.

Now, the truth at last can be revealed. From the Tribune-Review's delightfully juicy Whispers column:

TALE OF THE TAPE. Mark Harris, who didn't officially graduate from George
Washington University until this weekend, said he learned a lot from his primary
upset over incumbent Tom Stevenson, R-Mt. Lebanon.

The challenger papered the district with 1,000 red-white-and-blue campaign signs -- and only then realized that a logo in front of his name caused some to read his name as O'Harris.


What to do on short notice with a short budget? Harris said he bought about 10 rolls of red duct tape at Home Depot and spent a night traveling the district with volunteers to cover up the logo on both sides of all thousand signs.

The effort apparently paid off when he won the Republican primary Tuesday by 551 votes.

Of course the real story is nowhere near as interesting as my speculation. I'd still like to think that somewhere in Mount Lebanon, someone looked at the "red star" sign and silently cursed Mark Harris as a no-good commie bastard.

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