Wednesday, May 17, 2006

The Captain Looks At The Pennsylvania Races

From my home away from home, the not-so-great-but-a-whole-lot-better-than-it-used-to-be state of Minnesota, Captain's Quarters looks at the shining star that is the commonwealth of Pennsylvania in the wake of yesterday's anti-incumbent conservative electoral victories. Captain Ed calls our primary example of what can be accomplished through active engagement rather than disengagement.
In other words, it's stupid to stay home and ignore the races just because you are dissatisfied with the current crop of officeholders from your own party. Get out there and do something about it.

Victorious Mark Harris gets a couple of mentions, as does his vanquished incumbent opponent, Tom Stevenson. Sort of. Captain Ed briefly refers to

...Tom Lawson, [who] trails a 21-year-old college graduate running for his first office.
And a commenter named AlexC follows up with:

Don't forget 21 year old Mark Harris, who defeated another RINO, 10 year incumbent Ted Stevenson!
I'm tempted to register to comment at Captain's Quarters just so I can correct them on Tom Stevenson's name. A year from now, people in his own district are going to be saying, "Tom who?" anyway.

'Twould be nice if people in my district (also represented by a guy named Tom) would be able to ask the same question next year.

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