Thursday, May 04, 2006

Lube Lunch

Sometimes, the mountain really does come to Mohammed. Or me, as the case may be.

I've been a fan of wings for years. Hooters was a favorite of mine when I was a single man; my wing eating pal and I started with the hot wings, then upgraded to Three Mile Island and eventually Death Wish style. We tried Death Wish II when it was under experimentation. Once. Now I understand why some places make diners sign a release form.

One key component of our dining experience was the foresight to take advantage of certain specials. A couple of nights per week, Hooters would offer wings for 20 cents apiece. Sometimes they would go all the way down to 10 cents per; but those days were few and far between. When they happened, we were there.

Hooters was also the closest restaurant of its kind to home. I had heard about Quaker Steak and Lube in Sharon, PA, but never found the time to visit. Why would I want to drive two hours to get food that I could get in considerably less time here?

Meanwhile, QSL has expanded its operations within Pennsylvania as well as a few markets out of state. The newest location opened right down the road from my office just a few weeks ago. Today seemed like a nice day for a walk so I strolled on down to find out how QSL compares to that which I have tasted before.

I have to's good. Not necessarily better than Hooters, but I liked it. I should have tried the hot wings, but it's been a while and I feared that my resistance may have waned over the last few years. So I got Cajun wings instead. There are eighteen sauces to choose from. Cajun is supposedly hotter than "hot" but it did little more than dance around my tongue and throat area when I was done eating. Next time I'm getting "suicide" sauce. That ought to be a little closer to what I am used to. I will hold off on "atomic". No sense in signing a release form for something until after I've conquered the level just below.

My side was O-rings, or onion rings as most mortals call them. They were big, tasty, had a thick breading, and went well with the Louisiana Lickers dipping sauce that accompanied them. My choice of drink was homemade style "Lube-n-ade", which sounds like something that couples buy in tubes at the drug store. What a relief it was to learn that it was just lemonade.

My order was ready almost as soon as I had settled down in my chair. That was slick. It may also have had something to do with the fact that a lot of people in the neighborhood are on vacation, most of them for the summer. That's fine by me. I'll be back many more times before the big crowds return later in the year.

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