Monday, May 08, 2006

Mount Lebanon Is A Funny Place

A few days ago, I posted some commentary about the flap over that list from Mount Lebanon High School. It's a very popular topic. And it isn't just local people who are interested in the story, either. According to my site stats, people are coming in from all over the world via the magic of Google to read what I and others have to say about the list. At first I though that it was nice that I had received such a bump in traffic. Then I noticed the exact search terms used by some of the visitors.

They weren't looking for commentary or news reports about the list. They were looking for the list itself, with all of its lewd and salacious details. The title of my previous post was "Blown Out Of Proportion". And so it has been, even beyond what I had imagined. Complete strangers as far away as England are interested in the perceived sexual characteristics of adolescent females here in southwestern Pennsylvania. Why? What are these transcontinental creeps looking for? If the matter had been treated quietly as a disciplinary matter for the school district to handle, the boys who made the list would have been punished and that would have been all.

But no. Parents had to be outraged enough to call the police!, call the lawyers!, call the media! This is the internet age. News travels fast. I don't doubt that, somehow, the hundreds of people searching for the details of the list are going to find copies online somewhere. They are going to learn the names of the girls, and all of the schoolboy fantasies associated with them. In the end, the outrage expressed by the parents will lead to even greater humiliation for their daughters, perhaps even more humiliation than the boys will get for producing and distributing the list.

I have two young daughters. I am going to protect them from publicity as best I can, for as long as I can.

In a less serious development relating to the town called Lebo, long-time readers (all five or six of you) may recall a post I made last month in which I somewhat tongue-in-cheek suggested that a Soviet-style red star was not a good campaign symbol to include on a campaign sign posted in a conservative Republican neighborhood like Mount Lebanon. Well, as it happens, I was driving through Lebo yesterday and noticed some of those very same campaign signs displayed prominently near the edges of many lawns. The corner where the red star should have been was simply a field of red. Was this a different design? I slowed down just enough to be able to get a closer look at the signs.

They had all been altered. It seems that someone (or some ones) took red duct tape and obscured any trace of the red star. I'm not going to flatter myself by saying that someone from that campaign surfed on in to this blog and decided to cover up the star because I said it looked bad. But it is interesting that someone else must have thought the same thing. Otherwise, why the red duct tape?

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