Thursday, June 22, 2006

California Here I Come

In a few days, I will be having a relaxing good time in warm, sunny southern California. Or I will be suffering amidst a crowd of human beings in some godforsaken amusement park. Maybe both. But which will it be? Will I love L.A.? Or will I be feeling Lost In Hollywood? Somehow I doubt that I'll feel like sticking around for very long -- unlike Minnesota. I could have stayed in Minnesota. Minnesota was nice.

As it stands, I will be riding out west on the train, which should be a real blast. Or it could turn out to be a real depression, if this article from Nature magazine (which I found via Hugh Hewitt's site) is any indication:

Southern California could be in line for a serious quake along the infamous San Andreas fault, seismologists have found. New measurements suggest that the region close to Los Angeles, the traditional earthquake location in Hollywood disaster movies, could feel the effects of a real-life tremor within the next few years.
Within the next few years? Is that when it's supposed to hit, you ask? That's not a date, that's a range of dates. Read on:
"It could be tomorrow; it could be ten years from now," says Yuri Fialko, a geophysicist at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography in San Diego, California, who led the study. "But it appears unlikely to accumulate another few hundred years of strain."
The next couple of weeks, which is when I will be going out to Long Beach, falls sometime between tomorrow and ten years from now. I could be sitting back, enjoying the air conditioned comfort of Amtrak, only to find that the earth's crust has opened and swallowed me whole. If the quake hits when I'm staying at my in-laws' pad, I'm going to hope that Long Beach can float. Otherwise, the whole city is going to be boarding the Queen Mary like an infestation of ship rats.

If the BIG ONE is going to hit some day soon, why shouldn't it be when I am visiting the coast?

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