Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Quickening Up The Pace

My apologies to anyone who can't get through four days without a post on this blog. I've been a little busy switching my ISP from cable to FIOS. So far, the new service beats the old one in every way imaginable -- including, unfortunately, in its ability to manipulate the end user's PC. But it is faster, it gives you a router for multiple hookups (plus wireless) and doesn't charge extra for them, and it doesn't employ the Governor of Pennsylvania as a sports journalist in the Philadelphia market. Yes, politics did play a part in my decision. (On the other hand, the new ISP did make big campaign contributions to Ed Rendell. Politics plays a part in every decision.)

I've been spending the last few days migrating all of my online content from the old ISP to the new one, and now that the FIOS is up and running, I feel like a kid with a ton of new toys at Christmas. I might need a Christmas vacation just to stay home and play with my fun new internet service.

Real vacation comes up in a couple of weeks, when I may not even have internet access at all. I'm going to some place called "Los Angeles". Where is that? Is there anything worth seeing or doing there? Please tell me it won't just be a big waste of time.

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