Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Congressman Mike Doyle Must Be Some Kind Of Dipshit

Yesterday, I arrived home from a mini-vacation to find, sitting in my mailbox, a piece of mail from U.S. Representative Mike Doyle, who represents the Pennsylvania 14th Congressional District. It is a slick, colorful, four-page flyer outlining Mike Doyle's position on the top issues of the day. The cover page, when the flyer is unfolded, displays the text of a personal letter from Mike Doyle that begins, "Dear Friend,". The mailing itself is addressed to "POSTAL PATRON -- LOCAL 14TH CONGRESSIONAL DISTRICT PENNSYLVANIA".

There are two big problems here:

  1. Mike Doyle is not my friend. He is a Democrat. I am a Republican, and he devotes a great deal of space in this flyer to trash-talking my party.
  2. My neighborhood is not in the 14th district.

Mike Doyle was my Congressman from 1995 until around 2002, when decennial redistricting forced him to run (and win) in a completely different district within Allegheny County. His district includes the City of Pittsburgh, which remains such a Democrat stronghold that he doesn't even face token opposition in this year's election. It is no wonder, then, that this position paper consists primarily of criticism of "the Republican Majority in Congress". He is disguising what would otherwise be a campaign advertisement as a "how we are doing in Washington" type of mailer, sent at taxpayer expense instead of using campaign money.

So why did this thing show up in my mailbox? Did Mike Doyle forget that he no longer represents my borough? Does he not care how much taxpayer money he wastes to send mail to people who are not his constituents? He is all about federal funding for everything in sight, including, apparently, junk mail.

There is a segment of the flyer that says, "My Staff And I Are Here To Serve You". Mike Doyle encourages us to "feel free to visit one of my offices". I just might do that. It would be a good opportunity to ask what the Congressman's position is on mail fraud.

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