Friday, August 18, 2006

Deep Purple Can Teach Us A Lot About The 2006 Pennsylvania U.S. Senate Race

Get up--keep in line
It's gettin' tighter all the time
You say you're feelin' fine
It's gettin' tighter all the time

In this morning's edition of the direct descendant of the Oldest Newspaper West of the Alleghenies, we find an article entitled "Casey-Santorum race getting tighter, says another survey".

The latest poll shows Democrat challenger Bob Casey still ahead with 47 percent, Republican incumbent Rick Santorum at 41 percent, 4 percent for the Green candidate and 8 percent undecided.

Do I really care about this? Not really. As I like to say, there is only one poll that counts in this kind of race, and that one isn't taken until November. It's the only "survey" that I am allowed to participate in, at any rate.

I must admit, though, to feeling a tinge of amusement whenever these polls come out three months before an election and a bunch of twits are overcome with giddiness because they think that they have actually won something.

In this year's other big statewide race, Governor Ed Rendell is polling at 51 percent while Lynn Swann is down around 41.

According to an article in the same paper two days ago, a pollster claimed to find that "38 percent don't know enough (about Mr. Swann) to form an opinion, and about a quarter of Republicans are voting for the Democratic governor".

What is wrong with you people, you one-quarter of Pennsylvania Republicans? I would like to see the "meat" on these bare-bones statistics. What reasons do you have for supporting Rendell, other than "I don't know much about Lynn Swann"? Ed Rendell is all about saving people's school districts, public transportation, etc., using questionable sources of funding. Does anyone remember how Rendell averted a transit strike in Pittsburgh, as well as fare increases and service cuts, last year, by stealing federal taxpayer money earmarked for infrastructure maintenance and giving it to the Pork Authority? I certainly do. It looks like Rendell may have purchased himself some bus riding Republicans with his sleazy handling of federal funds.

On the other hand, you have to wonder how many Democrats like my wife are turning their backs on Rendell. She works at the local library. Fast Eddie took money from libraries to fund schools a couple of years ago. My wife hasn't forgotten about that, and she wrote in Lynn Swann for Governor in the Democratic primary this year.

I don't expect to hear much about crossover Dems in these polls. A few more of them, and this race could be gettin' tighter like the Senate race.

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